Teacher In The Knight Light: Mrs. Nath


Science is what makes the world go round, literally. It makes sense why it’s a core class in our education system because you cannot understand the world if you don’t understand science. Arizona College Prep High School offers numerous science classes, one of those being Biotechnology, taught by Mrs. Nath. I sat in her class on a lab day for some time and took note of what was happening in the class during that time.

To start, this lab was about baking bread to show Independent and Dependent variables. During the lab, as the kids were measuring and mixing, and baking, the room was filled with the aroma of fresh-baked bread, the smell was quite pleasant. Biotech is a class with students from all grades, freshmen to seniors, So Mrs. Nath has to do a balancing act of ensuring that students are caught up with everything while still keeping the class interesting, and from what I can tell, she does it very well. The entire class was engaged as she explained the procedures, and once she finished explaining it, the class got started on it right away, going through the steps carefully. The students seemed to enjoy their time doing the lab with their partners, while still ensuring everyone is safe.

Each week on block day they do one lab, each all showing a different aspect. During non-block days, the class focuses on safety guidelines and career paths involving Biotech. Most kids look forward to block days, excited to see what new lab they will do that day. Once they get past all the safety procedures and review, they will start doing real Biotechnology.  One unit I was told about was the Genetics unit, looking into DNA and changing it. A lot of the kids seemed excited to start that unit. Mrs. Nath also does a fantastic job at explaining how all of the procedures will go, giving detailed instructions to ensure that no one will get lost or confused.   In case the students have any questions about what they have to do or just questions about the class, she is walking around, engaging with groups, checking progress and giving pointers to those who need them. The class feels casual, less of a teacher telling kids what to do and more like one-on-one tutoring, except with an entire classroom full of kids.

Biotech seems like a very interesting class, full of fun kids and fun labs, and if anyone is interested in taking Biotech, any grade can apply for the class for next year. Go Knights!