The Very First Spirit Week and Football Game of A Special Year

Curtsy to Knightly Update of August 22, 2021

Curtsy to Knightly Update of August 22, 2021

Our first spirit week of the year has arrived! Spirit Week is finally here, as well as the first football game of the year on Friday! This week’s Spirit Week is witty and lively, as we get closer and closer to the football game. The theme for the football game is Friday Knight Lights, which is a reference to the show Friday Night Lights. On Friday, there will be two assemblies-the first at 8:20 A.M. and the second at 10:00 A.M-to encourage our football team to do their very best at the game in our new stadium in the evening. There is a “clear bag policy and prohibited items list” that is enforced at all CUSD athletic events, including this one, so be aware of that. Since the theme is Friday Knight Lights, wear your favorite ACP attire to the game or you can purchase the Friday Knight Light t-shirt. The kick-off is at 7 P.M., but the gates open at 6 P.M. Be sure to check out the game if you can! Go Knights!

We have five very fun themes for this week’s Spirit Week, one for every day.

Monday- Knighty Knight Day

The Knights dressed up in their comfy pajamas! It was a day that a lot of people partook in since all you had to do was wear your PJ’s. Luckily no one fell asleep in class!

Tuesday- Meme/Vine Day

“Road work ahead? Yeah, I sure hope it does!”

We got to dress up as our favorite vine or meme! This one was my favorite because I had so much fun seeing all my friends dressing up as hilarious memes. It was hard to take some people seriously, from the “Road Work Ahead” vine to the Bernie Sanders meme, they were all just too funny!

Wednesday-Wild West Wednesday

Dress up as a cowboy by wearing boots and a flannel! We are living in Arizona, a state in the Southwest along with our neighbors, so it would only make sense to have a day where you get to dress up as a cowboy. Fun Fact: Did you know that during the early days of the “Wild West”, camels roamed here? Specifically, they lived in Texas. Well, the more you know!

Thursday- Throwback Thursday

Students get to dress up as their favorite decade! From the Roaring ’20’s to the 1990’s, to the decade of anti-fashion, get to be in shoes and clothes of the people of those generations, literally!

Friday- Friday Knight Lights

As I said earlier, the football game on Friday evening will have the theme of Friday Knight Lights, so it would only make sense that the theme for Friday’s Spirit Day would be the same. Wear your favorite ACP attire or Friday Knight Lights t-shirt to school and the game if you’re going!

I hope everyone had a fun Spirit Week so far, and I can’t wait to see more of what’s in store this year! Student Government, StuGO for short, has been doing so much for us ever since the school tours, and I bet they have plans for this year and the years to come. Have a fun Spirit Week, Knights!

Curtsy of Caitlin Soelberg from Yearbook for the pictures