CUSD Annual Art Showcase 2021


Curtesy of Vision Gallery

Art is work that should be appreciated. Which is why CUSD is hosting an art show at The Gallery at Chandler Center for the Arts (250 North Arizona Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85225 United States). As stated by their website, “Chandler Unified School District’s most gifted artists put their work on display for the community to experience in this annual showcase. The burgeoning artists from Basha, Hamilton, Perry, Erie, Casteel, ACP and Chandler high schools display their talents and viewpoints through paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry, and photographs. With over 100 works on display, there is always something for everyone in this exhibition.” Art takes a lot of time and effort so it’s something that should be appreciated. It’s free too! It starts on April 14, 2021 and ends on May 6, 2021. Flourishing artists from all CUSD high schools express their ideas through medias including, but not limited to, paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry, and photographs. With over 100 works on display, there is always something for everyone in this exhibition, so be sure to check it out, Knights! But, right now, let’s ask Mrs. Hillier about her student’s works in the exhibition.

Q: How long did it take for the kids participating in the showcase to finish their respective pieces? Did you give them a prompt or let them choose anything school-appropriate?

A: Depending on the project, students worked on their respective pieces for between two weeks and seven weeks. For example, students worked on their landscapes for up to seven weeks. For the majority of these pieces, students were given a prompt. The Steampunk Ferret was an artwork drawn for a prompt that required students to take an animal and sketch it, and then make it part of the Steampunk movement by adding Steampunk elements. Both ceramic works were student-directed projects, allowing students full creative direction.

Q: What pieces of media did the kids use? Did they use watercolor, oil pastels, etc.?

A: In many of our art units, students are given a topic and encouraged to experiment with a medium of their choice. Some tasks, like the landscape, required students to use paint as painting skills were being assessed, but in most cases students chose his or her medium.

Q: What are some things that they did really well, depicting in their pieces?

A: One thing that students were really successful at in many of these works is portraying correct proportions and perspectives. Students have been working on these two skills in many of their artworks, and their improvement in these areas is impressive. I am always extremely proud of my students and everything they achieve. 

Below is the website for more information:

CUSD 2021

Thank you so much Mrs. Hillier and remember to check out the showcase as soon as possible before it is too late!