Austin Gaskin and his Hockey Achievements!


Hey there Knights, I hope you all had a wonderful week! We are excited to recognize one of our juniors, Austin Gaskin, for his achievements on the Jr. Coyotes 16U AA Hockey team! Austin recently finished in first place in the President’s Day tournament. I chatted with Austin about his hockey journey and a bit more about himself, and he happily responded with the following:

Q. At what age did you start playing hockey and what aspects do you find most enjoyable?

A. I started playing around 5 years old. I find cracking a ripper ( a way of hitting the puck ) to be one of the most enjoyable things.

Q. What position do you play and what drew you to want to play that position?

A. I play defense, and I was drawn to defense because I like being able to be involved in helping both sides on offense and defense when I am able too.

 Q. If you could meet any hockey player, past or present, who would it be and why?

A. Keith Yandle. The guy is so much fun to watch while he plays and is really talented in what he does.

Q. What are your biggest takeaways from playing hockey for so long?

A. Learning teamwork, leadership, and most importantly, how to adapt to different situations very quickly.

Q. If you could play for any hockey team, which hockey team would it be?

A. Definitely the Halifax Highlanders.

Well, Knights, it is always a memorable time when we hear about one of our students excelling outside the classroom. If you see Austin around campus, make sure you congratulate him on his outstanding efforts. Stay safe Knights, and remember to always strive for the impossible, and be extraordinary.