Key Club’s Among Us Tournament


Hey Knights! Do you think you’re the best gamer on campus but haven’t had the opportunity to prove it to anyone? Well, now is your chance, so make sure to go to Key Clubs Among Us Tournament! We asked Key Club president, Blake Su, about the tournament and the details involved and to explain to us the event and what it’s for. He explained this,

“This whole story started back in the fall when I read this news article about the nationwide PPE supply shortages in hospitals and nursing homes. At the time my aunt had just finished undergoing physical therapy at one of the assisted care facilities and my father, who is a doctor, continued to carry on his surgeon duties at Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert hospitals, and I found myself deeply troubled by the idea that my elderly aunt might be coming into contact with a maskless nurse or by the fact that my father could get infected with coronavirus without the proper equipment on hand. 

“Throughout high school, I have spent so much time in Key Club and other organizations helping others, and with everything going on, I wanted to see if there was any way I could directly assist. I had already heard of people fundraising with t-shirts on social media, so I figured why couldn’t I do it with something like stickers? With that idea in mind, I reached out to the Dignity Health Foundation – East Valley, the network that oversees the local hospitals, and pitched my fundraising idea to them. Their philanthropic manager, Catrina Ulery, loved the concept. In fact, one of the best parts was that instead of physically donating masks, raising money allowed the hospital to procure more masks from their wholesaler at a lower price.  

“Since then I have been marketing the program on social media, and with a lack of activities happening on campus I thought, as Key Club President, there might be a fun, safe way to incorporate the fundraiser while still providing community service. With Among Us being such an accessible and popular game, it lead to the Among Us tournament that we are putting on today.

“The tournament only costs $1 to enter in, and all of the proceeds go to the Masks For Heroes fundraiser. Our competition will operate by grouping participants into groups of ten, creating a game around for them to engage in, and then taking those who win and pooling them together for another round. This strategy will happen repeatedly until a final round where winners will be determined. Additionally, the whole event is virtual and is easy to access as it’s during club time. Finally, students have the chance to win a free dress day as the grand prize! 

“Overall, the Among Us tournament is just a unique way to promote what Key Club does while serving the healthcare community in a time where it needs us the most.”

It is great to hear about the kind-hearted and good-willed people here at ACP, it’s good to give back to those sacrificing so much around us. That being said, Knights, if you want to prove your skills in Among Us make sure you have done all necessary prerequisites to enter the competition. Stay safe Knights and Strive for the Impossible and be Extraordinary.