UNICEF’s Penny War

UNICEF's Penny War

Hey there, Knights! Here at ACP, UNICEF is hosting the annual Penny War as opposed to student council. Every year, the four classes battle to see who can raise the most money by the end of the allotted time. The winner at the end of the Penny War is awarded a free dress day. We asked Senior Saanvi Agrawal to explain a little more about the Penny War and to give us the run down of how it works. She gratefully gave us this:

“The Penny War is a fundraiser that is traditionally hosted by Student Government, but this year, UNICEF decided to take the opportunity and host the fundraiser. It is a competitive game between each grade to raise the most points, which are determined by the actual value of the money. For example, a penny is one point, a nickel is five points, a quarter is 25 points, a dollar is 100 points and so on. There are positive points and negative points: positive points are pennies, quarters and┬ádollar bills; negative points are nickels and dimes.”

“This is how the game work: there are four jars in the cafeteria (during lunch) for each of the grades to put their points in. Money representing positive points is put in the students respective class to increase their own points. Money representing negative points can be put in another grade’s jar to lower their positive points and sabotage their points. We usually have a 5th jar so that the staff and faculty can participate as well. In the end, the points are totaled by subtracting the negatives from the positive points in each jar. The grade with the most points wins a free dress day! The total amount of money is then counted and donated to UNICEF USA to aid adolescents health around the world in the form of resources.”

Make sure you grab your loose change and donate to UNICEF for a chance to win a free dress day with your entire class! Have a good one, Knights, and remember to strive for the impossible, and be extraordinary.