Super Smash Bros Tournament


At every chance we get we play games- online, mobile, or board games.  We play games on our phones, on our Switch, Xbox, and Ps4 consoles with friends or family or alone.  But we especially LOVE to play multiplayer videogames!  One of the best regarded games, loved by all, is Super Smash Bros.  This game caters to up to eight players and has survived the test of time with each generation loving it more than the last.

With the release of the Nintendo Switch there was a revived popularity of the game.  Students began to bring in their Switch Consoles and play at lunch and during free time, as well as during success and club time because it became mini tournament time!  The consoles were banned as distraction to students, but it did nothing to stop the Ultimate Smash Bros hype.  The Switch console was released three years ago, but you still see kids walking around with them inviting their friends to play a round or two of Smash Bros.

Because of the consistent popularity, Zachary Lund, one of ACP’s  juniors, put together a Super Smash Ultimate Tournament.  Zachary invited ACP’s students giving us a chance to prove our salt in a ranked competition, so on the thirteenth of December last year, our cafeteria hosted a Super Smash Bros Tournament!

The competition went from 3 P.M. to 5 P.M. and it was a bucket of fun that attracted many students on that carefree Friday.

The competition was super intense and there was a lot of yelling and cheering.  To be perfectly honest, Super Smash Ultimate is one of the most competitive videogames in existence, but everyone had a great time.

Our Super Smash Ultimate Tournament Champion is Nicholas Matthew who also happens to be a senior.  Our runner-up champion is the junior, Emiliano Espinosa.  I’m sure those two will enjoy their bragging rights and new titles.  Remember to have fun Knights!