Our Thespian Troupe Competes in Their First Theater Competition


Every year our theater class and Knights on Stage Club put on fabulously entertaining plays.  Just this year, because of their dedication, ACP’s KOS became an international thespian troupe.  The most recent play put on by ACP-Erie’s International Thespian Troupe #8909 was called “Ax of Murder” and the comedic investigation was a scream, attended by many students and teachers.  Now, however, their show is on the road.  ACP-Erie’s International Thespian Troupe #8909, or ITS, competed in the One-Act Competition at the Arizona Thespians Festival.  This is the first time that ACP theater has dabbled in such fast-paced, dramatic theater performance competitions, and we competed very well.  Their well-executed performance of “Pressure” by Lindsay Price, earned a Superior ranking!  The students that were able to attend the Thespian festival were also able to attend the workshops focusing on musical auditions, improvisation, playwriting, and technical theater.

After attending this exciting festival and participating in the competitions, the ITS students are marking the date for their next competition at Hamilton High School on December 7th.  Leini Quijada, one of the attendees, was interviewed for the inside experience.

Q: Was this festival a state-wide event; how many people do you think were there?

A:It was state-wide, and over 1,000 people attended.  I would say probably closer to 2,000!

Q: What were some of the workshops and what did you do in them?

A: Some workshops allowed you to work on your theatre skills, so there was playwriting workshops and auditioning workshops.  Others were just fun; in some you could learn the dance from “Mean Girls” musical, or even merengue dancing!  Many workshop sessions could be spent watching other schools’one act play performances.

Q: How long did ITS students, like yourself, practice their one act performance for the competition?

A: ACP spent roughly three weeks on our one act performance, but most schools had two or more months for rehearsing.

Q: What was your favorite part about the festival as a whole?

A: Anyone you ask, including me, who attended will say the most amazing part of the festival was the performance of a play called “Trap.”  It was put on by one of the previous winning high schools.  It was intense, mysterious, and had everyone at the edge of their seat.

The ITS members, who work so hard to produce entertaining masterpieces of theater art, are Bridge Bach, Devon Baggot, Siena Barone, Brian Fogarty, Grace Gardner, Chloe Lewandowski, Daniel Merritt, Cody Mitchell, Hannah Prost, Leini Quijada, Miranda Romero, Orchee Syed, Ellie Takeuchi, Amy Tran, Kaya Walsh, and Natasha Will.   We are excited to see all of their upcoming competitions and productions!  Go, Knights!