Blaise Dalton Signs into Football Fame

Star football kicker Blaise Dalton.

Blaise Dalton is now on the list of our superb new athletes attending colleges for their prowess on the field. From former soccer goalie to a pivotal kicker for the ACP football team, Dalton continued to impress scouts and his coaches alike from the sidelines.

What college did Blaise Dalton sign with?

Concordia College is a private college in Moorhead, Minnesota. Despite only boasting a student population of just over 2,500, the school excels in field athletics.

Founded by Norwegian settlers in 1891, the school is associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and practices the liberal arts. Concordia is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, and has a total student enrollment of 2,531, lending much to the small school atmosphere that Dalton knows all too well. Concordia, in the context of football, has a rich tradition and reverence for the sport; a perfect environment for our star athlete.

Blaise Dalton, Coach Myron Blueford on his sports potential

Coach Myron Blueford has a longstanding relationship, both personal and professional. Dalton’s prestigious coach met with me to discuss the impact that Blaise had on the team.

Q: How did Blaise impact our ACP athletics department?
A: In the past, ACP wasn’t known for graduating students that would play a sport in college. Blaise, being the second player from football to sign with an NCAA school, is changing the athletic culture. Our 2020 class has Saar Zutshi and Krista Rowan, who have offers alread, and Blaise’s signing is an indication of where ACP athletics is heading.
Q: Why did he choose to sign for Concordia?
A: Blaise had about eight schools that had real interest in him. Concordia was one of the first schools to offer and really treated him like family. They called or texted him weekly and treated him like royalty on his official visit. He has an opportunity to play as a freshman, and the football program at Concordia is rich with tradition. Ultimately, it was a perfect fit of academics and what he was looking for in a football program.
Q: What was Blaise’s greatest strength during his time on the team?
A: Blaise is a competitor! It’s funny to say that about a Kicker, but he really competed in everything and held himself responsible. He wanted to be perfect and worked really hard toward excellence. He also was a huge advocate for football and played a major role in a lot of players joining the team.
Blaise Dalton represents the perseverance that ACP students, and athletes, strive to maintain both inside and outside of the classroom. Setting a precedent for both his peers and the student population, Dalton continues to truly give substance to ACP’s mantra. He strove for the impossible, and achieved the extraordinary. Congratulations to Blaise Dalton, and good luck on the field!