ACP Students of The Month

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Each month, in front of the entire school, ten students are commended for their benevolence in the classroom. This award not only commends the most deserving academics on campus, but also helps to encourage the campus to push even harder towards their dreams.

The awarded students this month are as follows:

8th Grade: Abigail Goon, Dean Brasen

9th Grade: Morgan Applegate, Deven Kukreja

10th Grade: Bridge Bach, Jacinta Kangethe

11th Grade: Owen Sullins, Katherine Crawford

12th Grade: Nick Miller, Sofia Soto-Herrera

As Mr. Bickes announced two winning members of each grade, the entire school cheered and clapped for their peers. A nominated student of the month is more than just a title. Each student is a bastion of positivity, educational proficiency, and extracurricular capabilities. The teachers definitely have a difficult time choosing their nominees, considering the amount of studious academics on campus, but it’s a rewarding task.

Returning to the bleachers, the award recipients are warmly greeted by the audience. This tradition is truly a relaxed and rewarding experience for our most academic students, and a great incentive for the entire school.

ACP Students of The Month