ACP’s 2018-2019 AP Testing

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At ACP Erie, various choices of Advanced Placement classes are available for students to consider. From AP Language to AP Psychology, students have options in pursuing higher level classes where they are challenged with rigorous lessons that will benefit them in the long run. Students in AP classes also have the chance to receive college credit by taking the exams offered to them.

AP registration is now officially open at ACP Erie but will end on Thursday, February 1 at 2PM; therefore, students must hurry to purchase their AP exams before the deadline. The price for each exam is $95, but students can utilize tax credit donations in place of direct payment or seek fee waivers if eligible.

As a person who has taken multiple AP exams before, I would greatly recommend that students consider registering for AP testing and take at least one exam before the end of their high school career.

If you are still figuring out if AP testing will benefit to you, I would recommend you to consider the various advantages of completing an AP exam. For example, students can receive college credit for taking the AP exam if they pass with a 3, 4, 0r 5 (varying on the policies from each college). While not every college accepts AP exams as a replacement for a class, most colleges will allow acceptable scores to be utilized for college credit. This will help students save on college expenses and exempt them from having to participate in a class in order to acquire their necessary college credits.

Students can also use their AP exam scores as a substitute for the SAT and ACT when entering their standardized testing on a college application. Some schools will accept certain AP scores in replacement to the typical tests students will submit when applying for colleges. Make sure to check what the criteria and requirements for standardized testing is in your specific college.

If you do plan on taking an AP test, I would like to offer some tips when preparing for your exam. The first tip is to review class material. Your class will present material that will help you prepare for the exam, so pay attention to the lessons, take notes, and keep track of your progress in each concept. The second tip is to take advantage of free online practice tests and, if possible, purchase preparation books or cards. They will help guide you in the process of studying and practicing for this exam, giving you an advantage on the material. The final tip is to be aware of what parts of your class are most important in achieving success in your exam. For example, knowing the terms in AP Psychology is vital in being able to properly understand the questions on the test.

Students should consider their options, make their decision on taking an exam, and practice extensively. Good luck!