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Vex Robotics Wins at Duel in the Desert


On the weekend of January 28th, two of ACP’s very own VEX Robotics Teams competed at the Duel in the Desert VRC Qualifier. The Teams emerged victorious, and I received the opportunity to interview Ayaan Khan about the Robotics tournament. He explained that “My team and I drove to Tucson for the Duel in the Desert VRC Qualifier. Upon arrival, we focused on refining our autonomous programming and engaging with other teams for scouting. During qualification matches, we strategized with alliance partners and formed a successful alliance with Team 937X. Winning five matches and losing one, we advanced to the finals where we triumphed against Higley High School with a score of 98-72. Our performance earned us the tournament champion and design awards, recognizing our effective robot design process.”

I inquired how it felt having performed well at the event, to which he explained “Achieving high performance levels feels incredible, and winning another tournament with my team is particularly satisfying. This marks our second tournament champion and our first design award this season.” Ayaan became interested in Robotics in 4th grade at Cortina Elementary with VEX IQ, then transitioned to VRC in 8th grade. “This is my first year at ACP, as I did my freshman year at Higley High School, but the familiar faces and supportive environment within the robotics community eased my transition.” Ayaan calls Robotics his second family. Claiming that upon joining, he received a warm welcome, guidance, and support from every member. Throughout his high school Vex career, the teams at ACP Robotics, including sister teams and friends, provided unwavering support leading to overall success in ACP Robotics.

Ayaan is the head note-taker of the Jesters, meaning he meticulously documents and formats their team’s activities for competitions. He does this by collaborating during meetings and calls, compiling information such as high scores into their notebook. He additionally adds to interview notes and scripts, noting their importance in Vex Robotics-judged awards. When asked about advice that he would give to someone looking to join Robotics, he replied with “To those considering joining Robotics, reach out to any club member, inquire about their experiences, and explore the community. The exceptional culture and community at ACP Robotics make it one of the best extracurricular activities. Researching potential roles early and gaining insights into different aspects of those roles is also recommended for a smooth start.” Great job to our Robotics teams for their amazing work, ultimately resulting in their victory at the VRC Qualifier. Go Knights!

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