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Michelle Obama: An Inspiration for Americans

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Michelle Obama, born on January 17th, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois, was a former first lady of the United States and wife of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. She was the first African American first lady, positively impacting society with her inspirational and considerate actions. Having studied sociology and African American studies at Princeton University, it was only reasonable for her to advocate for diversity and equality, becoming a respected figure. After graduating from Princeton, she attended Harvard Law School and earned her Juris Doctor degree three years later. She then went back to Chicago to pursue a law career at the firm known as Sidley Austen, which still stands today. 

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Michelle Obama’s personal experiences inspired her to publish The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times, host The Michelle Obama Podcast, and write the book, American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America. Her popular autobiography and documentary, Becoming, was named one of the top-selling memoirs in history. In 2009, Michelle Obama also aided military families including veterans, family members, and caregivers with the support they needed by founding the campaign Joining Forces.  Another of her impactful campaigns, Let’s Move!, encouraged a healthier lifestyle for children by promoting healthier food choices at public schools and giving Americans vast opportunities to practice a healthy lifestyle through healthcare, community involvement, and at home.

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Michelle Obama’s passion for supporting young people as they pursue their dreams led to Reach Higher, a program that encourages every student to seek education past high school, whether that may be a professional training program, community college, or a four-year college. Another initiative similar to Reach Higher is Let Girls Learn. Focusing on promoting education for adolescent girls around the globe, Let Girls Learn allows young girls to reach their full potential alongside providing better professional opportunities.

Michelle Obama’s impact on equality, diversity, and representation helped pave the way for future generations of young leaders. Her dedication to improving the lifestyle of all Americans with her campaigns has significantly impacted our society by giving a voice to everyone and raising awareness about often overlooked struggles.

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