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Rohan Shankar: Winner at Chandler Innovation Fair


The 13th annual Chandler Innovation Fair took place on Saturday, the 24th, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Chandler Park. The event was brought together due to the continued partnership with CUSD. There, visitors could interact with all sorts of STEAM-related projects for students to explore and discover, serving as an educational opportunity for all. The Innovation Fair additionally holds a competition in which students can showcase their creations that display how science influences our everyday lives. Out of all of the teams that competed in the Annual Chandler Innovation Fair Competition, ACP was one of six winning teams with the prize of $500 that will be allocated to “their school’s science club or program for the most educational, most creative, and most passionate projects.” (

Rohan Shankar, who attended this year’s Chandler Innovation Fair Competition feels incredibly honored and excited to have advanced to the State Science Fair AzSEF.  Rohan won first place in the Biochemistry category for his featured project “Buzz Off – Exploring Eco-Friendly Solutions to Mosquito Menace” and looks forward to the opportunity to present his research, learn from other participants, and make a positive impact. He is additionally grateful for the chance to showcase his work at this level, exclaiming that “It was definitely worth the long evenings and weekends that went into the project!”

Students who won in the competition are selected to showcase their work later this semester, and Rohan explains that he is going to make sure his project poster is clear and organized. Practicing by explaining his project to others, he intends for a smooth presentation during the fair, adding that the most important part is to relax and stay confident. Rohan originally chose to partake in this competition because he believes the Chandler Innovation Fair is an astounding opportunity for high school kids in Chandler to showcase their innovative and unique research work. The Chandler Innovation Fair goes beyond traditional science and engineering fairs to encourage innovation in a range of categories that combine multiple content areas, elucidating that he “wanted to seize this opportunity to showcase my unique research at the best fair in town!”

In Rohan’s project, he explored eco-friendly ways to eliminate mosquitos while still larvae before growing into adults. One of the reasons he presented this project was because mosquitos kill more people around the world than any other animal. He recalls that “on a personal level ever since I was a kid, I am one of those people that mosquitos bite much more than others. I have always thought about how much better life would be without mosquitos, and I’m glad I was able to work on this problem and share my findings with the scientific community.” Congratulations to Rohan for this astounding accomplishment! Go Knights!

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