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Lunar New Year: A Meaningful Tradition

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Recognizing different cultures and traditions is pivotal at ACP because of our

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commitment to practice inclusion as much as we can. At a school as diverse as Arizona College Prep, embracing diverse traditions and practices is a vital step to fostering a safe and comfortable environment for all students and staff to feel represented and included. An example of a tradition that is commonly celebrated by members of our community is the Lunar New Year. It is a festival that is observed in regions such as China and other East and Southeast Asian countries. It celebrates the New Year according to the lunar calendar, which is why the dates vary every year. This special holiday is the time to remember the previous year and create resolutions as we enter the new year, which is now the Year of the Dragon.


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Families, loved ones, and friends take the time from their busy lives to celebrate with one another, look back on memories, and cherish their relationships, which brings them closer together. Members of Asian-American communities all around the United States organize parades, carnivals, and festivals when celebrating the holiday. Common traditions include lion and dragon dances, lighting lanterns, and eating traditional meals such as fish, dumplings, and other foods that symbolize good luck, happiness, and prosperity. This year the celebration began on February 10th and will last fifteen days, with the Lantern Festival on February 24th marking the end of the celebration.

Lunar New Year holds great cultural significance in many regions, which is why ACP strives to recognize it and the impact it has on students and staff. Including traditions and festivities commonly celebrated by our community is crucial as it allows people from different backgrounds and perspectives to embrace their culture and foster a sense of belonging. Sharing our different experiences enables us to connect more effectively with each other and contributes to the inclusion of all backgrounds. Go Knights!

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