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The Rich History Behind Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a worldwide celebration that occurs every February 14th. It cherishes affection and admiration for loved ones. Over the centuries, it has evolved as different legends intertwine and new traditions are developed. Some examples include exchanging gifts such as flowers and cards due to their common association with romantic love. Despite its evolution, the main idea of it is celebrating and treasuring love, whether it is romantic or platonic. 

Although the history and origin of Valentine’s Day may vary as it is not confirmed, it generally revolves around a Roman martyred saint, Saint Valentine. Due to the Roman roots of the holiday, Valentine’s Day was greatly influenced by Roman and Christian traditions, which contribute to its diverse history. Often credited with having inspired the holiday, Saint Valentine of Terni was a priest executed under Emperor Claudius II’s rule during the third century in Rome. He performed marriages for young lovers in secret after the Emperor banned marriages to increase the number of proficient soldiers. When he was discovered, Claudius ordered him to be arrested and later executed. According to the legend,  he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and signed it “from your Valentine,” which served as inspiration for the current tradition of exchanging love notes on Valentine’s Day. Although some people believe Saint Valentine may have been two people with the same name, there may be different versions of the same story. 

Despite its mysterious origins, Valentine’s Day evolved into a celebration of love, often practiced by gifting flowers, chocolates, and cards. It is now observed worldwide as it has surpassed cultures and evolved. Despite its commercialized essence, many consider it to be an opportunity to express affection and appreciation for loved ones beyond just buying gifts. It is important to remember the true sentiment of Valentine’s Day as we show our loved ones our affection and care for them, instead of simply focusing on the material aspect of it. From quality time to heartfelt gestures, the nature of Valentine’s Day is based on connecting with people we appreciate and hold dear. This celebration serves as a reminder to cherish the close bonds we have with others and celebrate the beauty of love, whether it is acts of kindness, spending time with loved ones, or letting people know we care for them. 

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