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Kera Medhi: ACP’s Phenomenal Photographer


Being a photographer is not as easy as it may seem. In fact, photography is one of the most important inventions to ever be created. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to see our history and the past. It creates memories for us to be able to look back to and relive the moments. Photography was first brought to us in 1836, when inventor Joseph Niepce used a bitumen-coated pewter plate and a camera obscura to make the first ever photograph. Now, there are over 9.94 trillion photos to exist globally. Among these photographs are some that were taken by a senior here at ACP, Kera Medhi.

Credit to Adorama

Kera’s remarkable story involves families from Galveston Elementary. She offered her photography services for free! Not only did she take time out of her busy schedule to take the photoshoots, but she also edited the photos depending on if the family was looking for something holiday-themed or neutral. To ensure they were perfect, she set up a plain backdrop and lighting equipment. In her own words, she described, “I’ve always had such a great time taking themed photos with my family; I wanted to extend that to families who may not have the time to get nice photos taken.” Kera’s passion for photography initiated in her sophomore year when she took the class as an elective. The elective she took that year helped her gain more experience, and she continued the class along with an additional internship because of her growing interest in the art of photography.  Although photography is something Kera enjoys, she doesn’t want to lose that passion to the responsibilities of a business or job. 

If you are inspired by Kera and want to get into photography, she has some advice for you, “Anyone can be a photographer. It doesn’t matter what equipment you have, as long as you have a genuine interest in photography, as there are opportunities everywhere to practice and gain positive experience.” Photography, in itself, is a glamorous outside activity which any and everyone can do. You are able to do so many different things with a single photograph and change the dynamics as well as the emotions portrayed in that particular photo. It is only one of the many ways we, humans, can express ourselves in a more visual way that meets the eye. 

Credit to Vocal Media

Not only is what Kera did stirring, but motivating as well. Kera hopes to make holiday photos at Galveston Elementary a tradition. She also wants to give shout-outs to Sr. Ruiz for helping her connect with Galveston Elementary, Principal Alcala, for approving everything and helping out at the photoshoot event, and finally a big thank you to Ms. Shanline who worked out all of the logistics with Kera and was an incredible help in organizing and executing this event! Kera is a phenomenal example of a dedicated and diligent student. The work she has done is very rewardable. We can continue to look up to her and view her as a role model in our daily lives. Don’t forget to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary. Go Knights!

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