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Mid-Autumn Festival: Ancient Chinese Celebration

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The Mid-Autumn Festival, taking place from September 29th to October 6th, is a Chinese festival that celebrates the fall harvest, the Moon, and family. It occurs near the autumnal equinox during a full moon. Being the second most important Chinese holiday following the Lunar New Year, families celebrate it by practicing important traditions, such as eating together under the moonlight and attending festivals. The festival’s history dates back to 3,000 years ago when it was a royal sacrificial ceremony. It involved moon worshiping, agricultural activities, and setting up an altar with offerings since people believed the Moon influenced the results of their harvest. Often compared to Thanksgiving, it is a family reunion time where they light paper lanterns, eat moon cakes, and worship the full Moon. Due to ACP’s cultural diversity, it is important to recognize the numerous ethnicities that participate in the celebration. Although it is not recognized as a public holiday by many countries, other Asian nations celebrate the festival as well. Regions like South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore also commemorate this day depending on their cultural practices.

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I had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Pardo, the Mandarin teacher at ACP, who lived in Taiwan during the festival. As she stated, “The Mid-Autumn Festival that I remember best was my first one living in Taiwan. At the time, I was in a suburb that borders the countryside. Most people in that region celebrate the holiday together with family and friends outdoors since there is a full moon on the day of the holiday. My friend’s grandparents barbecued meat and vegetables over a fire ring on the street, with an abundance of food. They also brought mooncakes, pineapple cakes, and pomelo fruit, which are items typical of the holiday.” Although there are many differences, the Mid-Autumn Festival and Thanksgiving are similar in some ways. It is a chance for families to gather together, regardless of the distance between them during the rest of the year. Similar to turkeys on Thanksgiving, the Mid-Autumn Festival uses the Moon as a symbol of completeness and family.


Picture by Vietnam Timeless Charm

Since it is celebrated in numerous East Asian countries, the Mid-Autumn Festival is of great significance to Asian cultures. It commemorates harvest and family, and it serves as a reminder to be thankful for your loved ones. Thank you, Mrs. Pardo, for sharing your experience celebrating the holiday, as well as educating us on different traditions practiced by many members of the ACP family. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!





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