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Camping has several benefits to your overall health such as a stress reduction and exercise. If you are camping as a member of a larger organization, there are even more benefits. Camping with other members of a group helps increase communication skills and strengthens the community bond. It allows people to spend quality time and make new connections that could better their future.

From August 21-23, members of Arizona’s DECA spent three days in Williams as part of a camping program. The Distributive Education Clubs of America, known as DECA, is a non-profit career and technical student organization whose goal is to prepare high school and college students with marketing, finance, hospitality and management skills.

According to Molly Rhodes, a DECA member, “The annual camp is an opportunity for DECA Chapter Officers to participate in leadership development and training and networking opportunities as they attend a variety of workshops and compete in teams against one another in a variety of different fun and interactive leadership games and activities. This year’s camp featured three days of different types of leadership and teambuilding activities, informative workshops, and Chapter Officer Training. Day one of camp included a keynote speaker and group activities that gave students an opportunity to meet their teammates and form team camaraderie. Day two of camp focused on physical team challenges that forced students out of their comfort zone and challenged their abilities to trust their teammates and conquer their own fears. The final day of camp gave students opportunities to attend informative workshops on a variety of topics including leadership, employability training, and DECA competition.”

ACP’s DECA members enjoy being a part of this amazing organization. One such student is Anika Kulkarni (grade 10), who has many positive experiences with DECA. She explained with enthusiasm that being a part of DECA has been “absolutely wonderful”. She continued with “I’ve met people from other schools such as Perry High School. Competitions are really fun and competitive in a healthy way. I am loving it so far.” Anika described DECA in one word: hype. This is because she believes that DECA “is always so energetic. Even when you’re competing, you still make good friends. After the events there are so many fun networking events such as DECA After Dark.” Her favorite part about DECA is the competitions she gets to partake in because “you can make a bunch of new friends, and it is also a really friendly environment.”

ACP’s DECA students enjoyed spending time outside with their peers, and will hopefully experience more events such as this.

Photo credit: Molly Rhodes

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