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Aayush Rastogi: Space Convention Competitor


Over the summer, one of our very own seniors, Aayush Rastogi, competed in an international space settlement and development competition at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, in which he had 48 hours to submit a proposal for the development of a big city lunar settlement. This competition’s goal is to train high schoolers into aerospace professionals, like Aayush. He had to construct a city on the Moon. Aerospace Education Competitions also reach to create a global network of devoted people who want to learn more about STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Aayush chose to take part in this competition because he had the opportunity to attend the qualifiers at the Biosphere 2, and that was one of the most memorable experiences he had with coordinating a large team. He also presented his proposal to Anita Gale: CEO of National Space Society.

He explained, “It was definitely a memorable experience, and if someone wants to get coordinated with it, the SEDS Club chapter at our school is the best.” 

He proceeded with, “The biggest takeaway I learned is the different ways you have to deal and work with people. You have to be encouraged to work while others tend to be more domineering, and you have to persuade to look at other perspectives.”

In a competition like this, teamwork really matters. Especially since they make the environment work-like. High schoolers from several countries came together and split up into four groups of 50-60 people. You can imagine how strenuous this could be. But if everyone really was devoted, that made it easy.

This competition isn’t only about knowing about space exploration and the newest sciences, it’s attempting to work as a team, but most importantly make sure to take care of yourself and not lose too much sleep.

Aayush is a great example that kids here at ACP challenge themselves everyday. This is a great accomplishment for him. He put in a lot of effort, dedication, and hardwork. Being in an environment with a lot of pressure and competition, is not easy. But, Aayush overcame this challenge and excelled at it!

Author: Auri Smith, Staff Writer

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