The Triple-Impact Competition Scholarship

The Triple-Impact Competition Scholarship

Sports are a good activity to look into for every student. Being in a sport is fun, keeps you in shape, and makes you eligible for lots of incredible scholarships. One of the scholarships that you can get from being involved in a sport is the Triple-Impact Competition Scholarship.

The Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship is a scholarship that’s awarded to juniors in high school who participate in a sport that is sponsored by a local organization, club, or school. As long as students have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, they are eligible to apply. The application process is fairly simple with applicants having to fill out an application form, write three essays, and having up to five recommendation letters. As long as students have all of these, they will eligible for the up to a $2,000 scholarship. For more information go to

Rishi_Kishore Picture_taken_by_Elizabeth_Bshop

I spoke to senior Rishi Kishore, who was awarded the scholarship for participating in track and field. He said that when he submitted the application, he felt nervous but he remembered his dad’s saying, “You did your best, now leave the rest”. A little while later he found out that he was one of the finalists! He felt “overjoyed, proud, and elated”, but still kept calm and collected. Outside of track and swim (the two sports that Rishi plays), he loves Star Wars and building Legos- the two things that inspired his future dreams of becoming an aerospace engineer. Another activity that Rishi loves is competing with his friends, “whether it’s in video games, school sports, or getting the higher test score.” When asked about what advice he would give to others who want to be a Triple-Impact scholar his advice is “to set your priorities, always lend a helping hand, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and be a force of good in your community.”

Congratulations to all of the Triple-Impact Scholars and go Knights!