PSAT: Tips And Tricks To Prepare For The Upcoming Exam

PSAT: Tips And Tricks To Prepare For The Upcoming Exam


For ACP freshman, sophomores, and juniors, the PSAT is on October 25th, so for these remaining weeks the Knight Times has decided to give you some helpful advice on how, and what to study to prepare for your PSAT.

Senior Nina Sreeprasad says: “Make sure to practice a lot – go online or buy a study book of practice questions so that you become familiar with the questions, as well as to revise what you were taught in school since the test is mainly on grammar, formulas, math, and science.” 

Another way that you can study for the PSAT is from:

“Dont worry about memorizing The PSAT tests knowledge you’ve learned in your high school classes. Any formulas you’ll need for the math sections will be provided for you, and you won’t be required to recall specific facts from history, science, or literature.” Another suggestion is not stress about the the test. Finally, get a good night’s rest, and on the days leading up to it, eat a healthy breakfast. All of these together will make a wonderful, satisfactory exam experience.

Even though the PSAT seems months away and is definitely overshadowed by the ever-looming SAT, it’s recommended to prepare for this kind of exam, to understand exactly what you’re going to be tested on, and to follow with the PREP way as best you can. Go Knights!