Arizona Thespian Society


Every year, the Arizona Thespian Society holds a few competitions for high-schoolers throughout the entirety of Arizona. This year, Ellie Takeuchi and Sean Leinenweber won first place in the duo musical performance of “What Do You Know About Love” from Frozen, and according to a member of the drama club, “Their performance was fantastic; it froze the judges in amazement.”

CAFT, the competition they took part in, draws numerous schools and students in the hopes to perform their hearts out through musicals. There were about 70 participants, some doing duo performances and some doing solo performances. While Takeuchi and Leinenweber did a fantastic job with their performance, it was not a clean and cut story.

The main issue with ACP participating was schedule conflicts. The Thespian Society Troupe in our school worked day and night, scrambling to ensure kids at ACP could participate in the CAFT competition.

We’re all proud of Sean and Ellie, and the entire Drama club as a whole. We hope to see great things from the drama club, the thespian society, and from all of you, dear readers. Go Knights!