Haley Hughes Interview

The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) recently handed out scholarships to their exceptional members in the program. One such member is Haley Hughes, a junior that attends our school, and we asked her a few questions about the scholarship and JROTC.

Q: What is AFJROTC?

A: Firstly, JROTC is short for Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. When you’re talking about AFJROTC, you’re talking about a military funded program from the Air Force – hence the AF. Overall, it’s a really fun program that’s centered around the students and leadership, learning to be more comfortable with yourself and your voice. We also get to wear military issued uniforms on Tuesdays and learn all about the science and history of flight. There is honestly so much about this program that makes it such a great and unique class. One designated student teaches the class (sometimes the instructors will jump in), and we learn a bunch of military terminology, commands, and really cool and unique skills.

Q: How were you selected to get this scholarship?

Haley Hughes

A: Personally, our Lieutenant Colonel talked with my specific flight/hour about the scholarship and asked those of us that were interested. Once I said I was interested, I had to go through the following criteria: 3.0 GPA or higher, 75% or higher on the physical assessment, 17 years of age by the summer, and I had to compete against other cadets through an online test (math, problem solving, and airmen basics). Ultimately, I believe I was selected due to how I ranked in the percentile with other cadets on the test.

Q: How many other cadets were trying for it?

A: A little under 4,000 cadets worldwide were trying for this scholarship and only 200 were accepted into the program. One other cadet at Hamilton was also selected with me.

Q: Is it possible for others to get this scholarship? If so, how?

A: Unless you are in AFJROTC, the program is not available. It really is a super rare opportunity, and this was one of those “you miss every shot you don’t take” moments. For the few cadets that were selected, it’s completely paid for. A program that is close to $30,000 and usually takes a year to complete is turned into an eight week, free college course. So sadly, no, it is not available for any student to apply for. But it is completely open for all JROTC cadets.

Q: How long have you been in JROTC?

A: This is actually my first year doing JROTC; one semester. Sadly, I’m a junior, and the program wasn’t available until this year, but it really is, an amazing class, especially with the other cadets, and I’m grateful that I can at least do it for a couple years.

According to Haley Hughes, JROTC is a fun, interesting program that can help anyone greatly who has an interest in working for the military, or if you just want to take a class around leadership and technology, the program is given at ACP too. If you find any of this interesting, you can sign up for the program next year. Go Knights!