The Friday Knight Lights

After long weeks of excitement and anticipation, Friday Knight Lights is finally here! Friday Knight Lights is the first football game of this season, and it will be a great one! This is just the first of many sports games and traditions that are at ACP. It is really nice that we can have a game to kickoff this school year and have all of us come together. We have all been working very hard at school these past couple weeks, so this game will give us a chance to let lose and have fun. During these crazy times, it is good to take a little break so hopefully we will see you there!

The backstory of The Friday Knight Lights is actually pretty interesting. The student government actually came up with the name because they remembered a TV show that was made in the 2000s called Friday night lights. Then they put a little spin on it and changed night to knight so it fits us better and we were set. Now ever since that has been the theme of some of the games. This football game is a big step toward this new school and new expanding family.

Leading up to Friday we had spirit week to get us in the right mood to cheer on our football team. It has been lots of fun, and it’s been cool seeing all of the students who dressed up. My favorite was pajama day, because who doesn’t like being able to sit around in your pj’s at school?   On Friday there will also be assemblies and pep rallies to get everyone excited for the big game.  I know the football players have been working very hard to play for us and themselves.

When going to the football game there are some small requirements. If you are planning to bring a bag make sure it is clear and remember to read the Knightly News update if you are wondering about belongings you can or can’t bring. Make sure that you are being mindful and respectful about the rules and regulations while at the game. But most importantly, remember to have a good time and just chill.

The game will start at around 7:00 but the gates open up at 6:00. Get your tickets on the school’s website or go to the Knightly News update.  Make sure to come prepared, and if you want to show some spirit, come in ACP attire. Shirts and other items are being sold on the website. If you have questions about something, make sure to check the website or ask your teachers. We hope to see you there, Go Knights!