The Dreams of the Class of 2022

The Dreams of the Class of 2022

You know that one song from the movie, Tangled? Where the people in the Little Duckling bar sing about their dream? It may sound cliché, but the song “I Have a Dream” can be applied to most people. We all have aspirations; it’s just that no one really asks us and if they do because our dreams may sound embarrassing to them. But, there is nothing wrong with expressing your desires! If someone doesn’t appreciate you for having a goal, they aren’t worth your time or effort. Nonetheless, today, I’ll be interviewing two of ACP’s Juniors: Annika Trenbeath and Gabby DeMoss about their bucket lists by the end of their senior year.

Q:Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Gabby: I imagine that I will be working in a hospital ten years from now, maybe I’ll be living in a big city.

Annika: I would want to have graduated college, and have a stable job and hopefully, a relationship with someone else. My dream job is to be an exhibit specialist at a zoo, but I am now considering being a dentist as well. I will most likely be an exhibit specialist.

Q: What’s something you want to do within the next five years? For example, pick up a new hobby, meet up with a friend, etc.

Gabby: I would like to become fluent in Spanish.

Annika: I really want to open up a small online business selling my art. Drawing and painting are my favorite hobbies, and I want other people to enjoy what I create. I really want to sell stickers, prints, keychains and possibly apparel!

Q: What’s something about yourself that you want to improve on when you have the time? What’s something that has changed about you that has helped you become a better individual for yourself and your loved ones?

Gabby: I would like to improve my patience and my artistic skills when I have the time. I have definitely become a happier person; this has helped my self confidence.

Annika: One thing that definitely needs improvement is my sleep schedule. Over quarantine, I have gone to bed at much later times than before and waking up late. This does not help me at all with school as I stay up late constantly and find myself falling asleep in my classes often. It’s a detrimental habit. I have definitely tried to understand others more, and not be so judgmental of others.

I try to understand where they are coming from in life, and that you can’t force a narrative on people. I also want to stand up for others as communities are going through hardships and now, people are finally talking about it for everyone to hear.

Q: Do you ever see yourself accomplishing all of your goals? If not, why?

Gabby: Yes, I don’t think my goals are unrealistic, so what’s stopping me from accomplishing them?

Annika: Yes, I do see myself accomplishing my goals. When it comes to activities I enjoy, I don’t have any problem with doing it and getting it done. I am quite passionate about art. The only thing that stands in my way is my wrist (I have something called Kienbock’s disease).

Q: When someone talks about the future to you, how does that make you feel? Do you have mixed feelings? Are you excited? It’s okay if you’re not sure about how you feel.

Gabby: I feel pretty neutral, the future doesn’t seem real to me yet, so I can talk about it easily.

Annika: I get a lot of mixed feelings. I am excited to pursue a career, but I am pressured to figure out which college I will be attending by my family. Anytime I mention to anyone that I’m a junior in high school, I get asked what I’ll do for college and where I will go. I know they mean well, but I am just trying to finish my junior year strongly in a pandemic (obviously) first, and then worry about my college career. I want to attend art school in New York, but a lot of my family doesn’t want me to as it’s too far and they believe that I’m not ready for that. I think New York holds a lot of opportunities for me and is a perfect fit. Additionally, I often hear my peers talk about their grandeur graduation and college plans, and it is definitely indirect pressure. Everyone wants to go into the science or math field and attend an ivy league and have high GPAs and standardized test scores. My grades are good, but I feel so pressured to do better. I have to remind myself that I want to go to art school and possibly minor in zoology or animal sciences. I don’t have to meet everyone’s standard and that’s okay. I am definitely nervous, but I am very thankful that ACP provides a ton of resources for us.

So, there you have it! Aspirations are something that should be admired and not repressed, for they are the foundation for our future. It’s okay to have goals that seem too far away; nothing is completely impossible! Sure, some goals are tougher to achieve than others, but it’ll be worth it. After all, the grass is greener on the other side.