Girls Soccer Playoff Performance

Girls Soccer Playoff Performance

Hey there Knights, it’s fourth quarter and that means spring sports are starting up! However, before we get into spring sports, we are excited to congratulate our Lady Knight’s Soccer team on reaching the Semi-Finals of the state playoffs! We talked to senior Isabela Schroeder and asked her about the season and how she felt about her final season as a Lady Knight.

Q. How was the season different with all the new rules you had to follow?

A. Wearing a mask while playing was definitely exhausting and a challenge in the beginning. However, after a awhile though, it started to become less noticeable and easier to deal with.

Q. What was the experience like getting as far as you did in the state playoffs this year?

A. The past two years we have lost in the first round of playoffs, so making it to the Semi-Finals this year was really amazing. As a team, we worked really hard to get as far as we can, because with all of the COVID stuff and not having as many fans as we wanted, we wanted something memorable that we could be proud of in these hard times.

Q. What aspect of the season made it the most memorable for you?

A. Definitely all of our bus rides, supporting our JV team, and our funny superstitions in the post season. Overall though, just being able to play and be together as a team was pretty great.

Q. If you could have done anything differently, what would you have done?

A. I definitely should have soaked in every little thing since I’m a senior, and I could have pushed myself a little harder throughout the season. I personally feel like I didn’t leave everything on the field.

If you see any of our Lady Knight’s soccer players around campus, make sure to congratulate them on their wonderful accomplishments. Have a good weekend Knight’s; remember to Strive for the Impossible and be Extraordinary.