The Day in the Life of My Dog


At 5:00 A.M., I wake up, but my mom isn’t awake yet, so I stay in bed. Some days, I’ll make her wake up by pretending that I’m going to pee on the carpet, but today, I’ll let her sleep peacefully. Thirty minutes later, Mom gets out of bed and greets me, before proceeding to pamper me in affection: pats, cuddles, and belly rubs for the next 15 minutes. She then goes to the bathroom, so I stay nearby to keep guard in case she gets hurt. After that, we go outside to go potty. Before eating breakfast, I visit my older sister in her room. She’s always sleepy, but she still greets me. She pats my head, and I give her kisses. She has very fluffy toys on her bed, but she won’t let me play with them for some reason; it’s not fair! Mom tells me to come so I can go eat breakfast. After eating, I watch Mom and my sister get ready.  Dad is almost ready to go to work so I go greet him, too. He’s packing his lunch, and he also smells different because he sprays mist that comes from a liquid in a bottle. Dad soon leaves, which makes me sad, but at least Mom and my sister are with me!

My sister isn’t giving me attention because she’s packing her stuff for her school into her backpack, and Mom is going to work soon. In order to receive the attention I deserve, I’ll pull on my sister’s clothes in her closet and she’ll tell me to stop. She’s pretty stubborn, so I let it go for now. My sister is stricter on me than Mom and Dad, but I still love her just as much. Eventually, we all get in the car to drop my sister off at the bus stop. At the bus stop, I see quite a few strangers that I don’t know, which makes me want to bark at them, but Mom told me not to bark at people. The bus comes, and now my sister has to go to school. She gives me a kiss and rubs my head before she leaves to go to the bus. I watch her from a distance, wishing that I can go with her.

A few minutes have passed since Mommy left for work, which leaves me to have the house to myself. I get sleepy so I take a nap for an hour, before I go play outside. There are birds outside that always come into our backyard so I ward them off. When it’s noon, I know my sister will come soon so I stay by the gate, ready for her arrival. After two hours, she finally comes home. I know that she’s coming home because I hear her voice and the voices of the people she walks home with. I don’t really trust them as much, but as long as my sister is happy, I’m happy. My sister goes inside along with me and she settles down at home. She plays with me for a little bit, and the next thing I know, it’s time for me to eat again. My sister gives me a fresh bowl of water and my food, along with a treat. By the time I’m finished, my sister will go to eat her meal, and I will sit right next to her so I can have some. She’ll give me a tiny bit of it, but she won’t let me have more than that because I just ate and I’m not supposed to be eating human food. We’ll watch some TV and then rest together. She talks to me about her day while giving me a belly rub. An hour later, Daddy comes home. Dad also goes to eat something, but he won’t allow me to have any either. My sister goes to do her homework after talking with our dad. I’ll be right next to her, resting on the ground, and occasionally, she’ll get out of her seat to pamper me. Mommy comes home later that evening, and we all go for a walk after she’s eaten.

I love to go on walks because I get to get out of the house and run around. It’s great exercise for the family. I’ll see dogs and I really want to play with them, but I’m not supposed to bark too much so I won’t scare children. Speaking of children, kids on vehicles, skateboards, and scooters scare me. They move so fast for such tiny humans. I’m getting used to not barking at them, but they freak me out! After our walk, we return home, and I still have a little bit of energy left. My sister will play with me while our parents talk. Soon, the rest of my family takes a shower, but luckily, I don’t have to unless it’s the weekend. I don’t like taking baths much; it’s not fun for me. My sister will be finishing up her homework while my dad finishes up his work, which means that Mom and I get to spend time together. I get sleepy around 8:30, and I’ll often close my eyes and relax for a little bit while everyone is doing their work. By the time it’s 10:00, I have to get to bed, and my sister takes me there. She says goodnight before going back to her room and my mom goes to bed in the bed next to mine. I drift off to sleep, dreaming of the happy future that I’ll have with my family.