The Tenth Year of the Cafeteria Health Inspection

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The most desired bell of the day rings, sparking instant happiness. The kids rush toward the cafeteria with shining smiles as they greet our wonderful cafeteria staff. The floors the students walk on are shiny, and the kitchen they peer into is organized and glimmering. They passed their health inspection test, which inspects all of this and more, with flying colors, further exemplifying their vigilance and care for everyone at ACP. I had the amazing opportunity to talk with Ms. Mary to learn more about this honor and what it means for ACP!

Pictured: Ms. Mary

Q: What is this award?

A: This is the health department award that is awarded twice a year if the inspection is passed. The inspection consists of checking if the correct temperatures are being held, if proper sanitation is being done, and proper procedures are being followed in the kitchen. This inspection is done to make sure everyone stays healthy and well.

Q: I have been notified that this is ACP’s tenth year for receiving this honor, is that correct?

A: Yes, that is correct. Inspection occurs twice a year so this is our 20th time receiving this award.

Q: What are your celebratory plans?

A: We celebrate with relief! They came, they went, they saw.

Q: How do you and the rest of the staff feel about getting this award?

A: We are very proud that we keep it safe, that we run a good tight shift, and that is stays safe and clean for everybody. We don’t want anyone to get sick, so we follow procedure and make sure everything is up to date and hope that everything going well when they do come around for inspection.

Ms. Mary with the rest of the kitchen staff.

Q: Are there any additional procedures that were taken up because of the pandemic?

A: Yes, there is lot more sanitation that is required. We wash our hands constantly, change our gloves every 15 minutes, keep everything, such as register table, sanitized, use our new product on the tables, wear masks, etc.

Q: What is your favorite meal that is offered at ACP?

A: I personally like the tuna. The meatball sub is also very good as it is a great meal. The pizzas are another favorite as we make them here on campus, which adds some diversity as we have the opportunity to make a variety of pizzas. We Google ideas and get them approved by a dietitian before they are put on the menu.

I would like to congratulate Ms. Mary and the rest of the cafeteria staff on another year of extraordinary health in the cafeteria on behalf of the entire ACP family. Have an amazing day, Knights, and don’t forget to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary!