Kaitlyn Starks Speaking at the CUSD Governing Board

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Kaitlyn Starks Speaking at the CUSD Governing Board

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I don’t know about you, but when I stand up in front of large crowds, I tend to freeze up and forget what I am supposed to say. Many people don’t like speaking in front of crowds, even small groups of people. Public speaking is a big part of life, and as the Student Body President of ACP, Kaitlyn Starks has the responsibility to present a speech to the CUSD Governing Board. This speech is on the subject of ACP as a whole; this discusses how our school is, what has been happening, and much more.

CUSD Governing Board

The CUSD Governing Board from left to right, starting with the first row: Barb Mozdzen, Karen McGee, Annette Auxier and moving to the second row: David Evans, Bob Rice

For background information, the CUSD Governing Board consists of members who were elected their positions and are also unpaid volunteers. These officials have a passion for the public education system and want to invest their time in learning about CUSD’s many schools, included the issues and successes of each, and they strive to provide the best education for our students. The Board includes: Annette Auxier, the current Board President; Karen McGee, the current Board Vice-President; David Evans; Barb Mozdzen; and Bob Rice. Also, our superintendent, Mrs. Casteel will be in attendance at tonight’s meeting.

Kaitlyn Starks will be presenting at the college board meeting tonight. This is a huge privilege the Student Body President has. As Kaitlyn explained, each year the Student Body President has three chances to speak in front of the Board. The Student Body President will be given the opportunity to explain what is happening with ACP, and Kaitlyn will be expanding on our Knight Games, the upcoming Winter Formal, sports, STUGO activities, and much more.

In an interview, she emphasized that although she has some butterfiles about tonight, she expects the meeting to go well, for she explained how the Board is made up of a group of caring and inclusive individuals who want the best for ACP. She also touched on the subject that she will not be alone at this meeting, for all STUGO executives will be in attendance, cheering Kaitlyn on. Furthermore, this meeting is a great learning opportunity for all students, in both school circumstances and professional situations, since this shows a person the ins and outs of professionalism, good public speaking skills, and how to control one’s nerves.

Knights, this is an amazing opportunity for Kaitlyn and our school as a whole. If you see our Student Body President around campus, make sure to wish her luck at tonight’s meeting!