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Our new math teacher: Ms. Trotti


A dedicated teacher is a beacon of inspiration, tirelessly illuminating the path of knowledge for their students. Their commitment goes far beyond the classroom; it is a lifelong profession, a calling to shape young minds and nurture potential. Such a teacher invests not only time and expertise but also heart and soul, understanding that education is a transformative force. They possess an unwavering belief in the potential of every student, recognizing their unique strengths and encouraging their growth.  This teacher is a pillar of support, offering guidance, mentorship, and a listening ear. Their passion is infectious, igniting a love for learning in those they teach. Through their selfless dedication, a dedicated teacher leaves an indelible mark on the lives of their students, instilling in them not only knowledge but also confidence, resilience, and a lifelong thirst for discovery. They are the unsung heroes of countless success stories, leaving a legacy that extends far beyond the boundaries of any classroom. Teachers like, Ms. Trotti, push students to be their very best and care about their well-being and academic careers. Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Trotti, one of our new math teachers at ACP.

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She chose to be a math teacher because she had great teachers who helped her face the challenges in math so she wanted to do the same for her students as a teacher.  During her first year at ACP, she looks forward to “Attending the various sporting events, performances, and activities throughout the year.  I love seeing my students when they are doing activities they really enjoy or are passionate about because it shines through in their performance.”  Ms. Trotti motivates her students by “letting them know that math is hard, and they will make mistakes.  It is how we learn from mistakes that makes us better at anything we do in life.” Her students describe her in regards to her teacher style as “Hopefully mostly engaging.  I try to have students working together in groups either at the whiteboards or at their desks solving problems.  I am working toward making the lessons as interesting as possible by launching units and big ideas with interesting problems and then tying it to mathematics.  I want my students to walk away from College Algebra knowing that they can persevere in problem-solving, think creatively, and express their ideas concisely.”

For fun, I asked her what dog breed she would be to which she responded, “ I would like to be a Labrador.  They seem to be a perpetually happy dog with an abundance of energy.” In her free time, you can find her “listening to an audiobook while sitting at my spinning wheel making yarn.  I also enjoy knitting and crocheting.” Her dream destination to travel would be  “spending a few years traveling through Italy without a doubt.  Between learning the language and traveling within the country to see all the art and architecture, I don’t think a few years would do it justice.” I asked her whether she would travel in time or the past to which she stated, “I would love to time travel to the future to see just how different it is from now.  I wonder if technology will have advanced enough to let us colonize other planets.” 

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Ms. Trotti continues inspiring students at ACP to strive to be the best possible selves they can be. Through their guidance and mentorship, they instill not only knowledge but also the values of perseverance, integrity, and a thirst for continuous learning. The influence of a strong and hardworking teacher resonates through time, leaving an enduring legacy in the lives they touch. These remarkable educators are the true unsung heroes, leaving an indelible mark on the world, one student at a time. Their contributions are immeasurable, and their importance cannot be overstated in the grand tapestry of education. In the tapestry of education, Ms. Trotti is the shining thread that weaves knowledge, inspiration, and lifelong learning into the fabric of their students’ lives. 


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