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PSAT Rotations; A Fun Way To Celebrate Success


On Tuesday, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took the PSAT. Since the test only took around half of the day, it was decided that the other half would be spent engaging in activities as a reward for our students after a long day of testing. The students went to their 5th period teacher shortly for attendance, then ventured to their first rotation. Depending on the subject, the students visited each activity in groups in a different order.

The first station rotation was a preview of Evita, this year’s school play. Students flooded into the auditorium to be entertained by all of the hard-working actors and actresses as groups. The second station was the Class Competitions in the gym, where the different classes competed with each other in a game of dodge-ball. The third and final station was a field day for all the students in the North Field. Students elected to spend their time chatting with their friends or playing sports. Early dismissal occurred at 2:10, and students were let out of their activities.

After the rotations, I was able to get a few opinions regarding the different stations. Both junior Dylan Shah and sophomore Twyla Morrison enjoyed seeing the preview, and she exclaimed that “I loved watching Evita, and it was so much fun seeing everyone I know take part in it!” Amazing job to all of our students who worked so hard on the PSAT. Go Knights!

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