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ACP’s Second Annual Homecoming Carnival


Every year, ACP holds all sorts of school events to aid in bringing our community together. It is additionally a great way to boost enthusiasm and help promote this year’s Homecoming. On October 18, ACP held its second annual Homecoming Carnival. Part of an amazing first week back from fall break, the event was a great way to start off the second quarter. In fact, hundreds of students showed their support by coming with their friends and family. Along with a few inflatables, this year’s carnival had several booths from our clubs, all with their own unique activities from trivia games and candy to face painting.

All of the students and teachers who helped set up the carnival worked extremely hard. There were food trucks, obstacle courses, and games everywhere. One of the largest attractions was the haunted house. Filling the school hallways with spooky yet fun Halloween decorations, the attraction became so popular that the wait line eventually exceeded one hour! I was able to interview Aubrey Riggs, a senior who was in charge of the haunted house. She said that “Knights Theatre Co. started the tradition of our haunted house last year, headed by recent grad Isaac and myself.” Last year’s haunted house was a massive success, so they had the opportunity to do something much larger. When asked about what the most rewarding part to her was, she responded with “For me, the most rewarding part of the process was seeing everyone work together and knowing that we have such a wonderful team of people who will come through for both me and each other. It truly does feel like we can pull off anything together.” She acknowledged that the team had it’s fair share of struggles, but everyone handled the problems so well and exclaimed “I couldn’t have asked for a cast and crew for a better haunted house!” Aubrey hopes that “I hope everyone who had the opportunity to go through it had as much fun as I did organizing it.”

Another member of the crew that helped with the haunted house was senior Jillian Douglas, who was in charge of the spiders and spiderwebs.  She said that they received numerous compliments and worked together with other students on the project. Jillian believed that the most rewarding part was “having that experience” because this was her first haunted house. “I’m super proud of Aubrey for running the whole thing and am proud of the other actors and tech because we all have to work together really closely as a team.  It went really well the way we did it even though my throat hurts from screaming so much. I wish I wasn’t a senior so I could do it again next year!”

This year’s Homecoming carnival was a major success when it came to student accomplishments and building a sense of community. I hope that we will be able to carry out more events such as this in the future. Go Knights!


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