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Mr. Vaught: Our Newest Coach


ACP is known for its rigorous academics, but we can’t forget about our amazing sports teams. Athletics are such an integral part of our community, and it’s necessary for coaches to assist them to be their very best. Both teachers and coaches alike guide students through their academic and athletic careers. Capable of motivating and empowering young athletes and students as they grow into adults, they offer support and courage to their students.

This year we gained another coach, Mr. Vaught. One of the several new teachers new to ACP,  Mr. Vaught serves as our sports coach and math teacher. He opted to become a football coach because he recalled “it made me a better person when I played in high school and college. I want to be a positive influence on my students and athletes the same way my coaches were for me.” This year, Mr. Vaught is most looking forward to the football season. “We’re hopeful to make the playoffs and make a deep run in the playoffs,” he adds. Mr. Vaught motivates students through setting standards, rather than establishing strict rules. “I challenge them by setting a standard and assure them that if they can meet the standard, there are rewards that come from meeting the standard. I want my students and athletes to do what they are supposed to do because they want to meet the standard, not because they have to meet the standard.” He describes his methods of teaching as detailed and accommodating. “I try to give as much detail as possible when giving students and athletes information. Then, I try to be accommodating by allowing them to process and learn the information in the way that is best for their learning style.”

In his free time, Mr. Vaught enjoys spending a lot of free time working on football activities such as helping athletes train and studying film to help prepare our players. Outside of that, he enjoys hiking, working out, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. If given anywhere to travel to, his dream place would be Hawaii, although his happy place is at his home with his family. Mr. Vaught says that if he could travel to the future or the past, he would rather time travel to the past, “because it is more fun to be young, than it is to be old!” He would want to be a golden retriever out of any dog because, as he claims, “they are outgoing dogs that are loyal to family. Also, they are playful and adventurous dogs.” We know that Mr. Vaught will help our students achieve their best and are hopeful to see how much of a positive change he’ll bring to ACP.  Thank you Mr. Vaught, for becoming a member of the ACP family!

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