Mr. May and the Chess Team: Going to Nationals!


Chess is one of the most influential games in human history, so it is no surprise that ACP has its own chess team. I’ve already discussed the history and impact of chess in a separate article which you can read here but now let’s focus on our chess team, with an interview from the club sponsor, Craig May.

All great teams have an origin story, and the chess team is no different. When we asked about the team’s founding, Mr. May said, “I don’t know exactly when it was founded, but it was early on in the creation of ACP. I didn’t form the team; I inherited it from a teacher when they wanted to retire and I’ve been the coach for the last four-and-a-half years.” We also wanted to know how he personally got into chess. “[He] learned to play in fifth grade, [Mr. May] would often finish his classwork before everyone else so his teacher taught him the rules, and he loved it ever since.”


For people out of the loop, the ACP Chess teams (both varsity and non-varsity) are on their way to the state championship, which will be held on November fourth and fifth. Currently, the team is undefeated and on a long winning streak. Both Mr. May and the team feel hopeful and excited for the rest of the season, and they are practicing hard, hoping to bring home more and more wins for the school. The final question we wanted to ask was how the team trains. Seeing as how it is a one-versus-one sport, the method of training must be different than any other sport. Mr. May told us that “The kids on the team play each other. When we have newer members I will coach them about the techniques and strategies used. But I have nothing left to teach my Varsity kids, they have beaten me more times than I can count, even when I’m going all out.”

We here at the Knight Times are proud of the entire chess team, and we share similar hopes that they can continue their undefeated winning streak for the whole season and become National champions while they do the game they love. Go Knights!