How To Make The Most Out of 4th Quarter!

How To Make The Most Out of 4th Quarter!

Summer is coming up very soon, and before you know it, everybody will be out of school and begin enjoying their time off school, but how do you know that your school year reached its full potential? If your’e sitting in your room wondering, “How do I make sure that when I leave for summer, I’m happy with how the school year went?”, then make sure you’re participating in as many activities that ACP has to offer in order to make amazing memories with your friends.

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To ensure that when you leave this school year you are happy with how it went, you have to take risks. At ACP, there are tons of fun clubs, activities, and events that you might not want to go to because you just don’t feel like it, or don’t think you’ll like it, but the thing is, you’ll never know until you try. The event could be so amazing and memorable that when you open up Instagram, you’ll see that all your friends posted about the event and how thrilling it was and you’ll realize what you missed out on. Speaking of friends, going with them to school events is one of the most fun things about high school, as is being able to hang out with your peers and friends while in a relaxed environment. Bringing your friends with you to events that you are unsure about going to will make the experience ten times better than going by yourself.

Making great memories and bonds is one of the most important things about school. Going to school, events, and participating in things will ensure that when you’re done for the school year, you will look back on it and think of all the fun you had. Making memories is very crucial to enjoying and having a great school year because when people think of school, most normally think of lots of homework, projects. School is actually really fun if you get involved and make bonds/memories with people.

Moreover, friendships in high school are everything, having a special connection with others, and being able to count on them makes your school experience fantastic. Friendships that you make in high school can last a lifetime, and being able to look back on your school year and remember all the great times you had with that special person will be unforgettable. Lastly, to maintain a good mental health, studies have shown that getting involved and hanging out with people can lift up your mood, and make you feel happier. So Knights, go to that fundraiser, go to that dance, and make sure you have all the fun you possibly can this school year!