ACP Student Store


If you have been keeping up with all the latest ACP news, then you probably know the student store is almost here! What is the student store?, it is a store here at ACP completely run by students designed to cure that feeling in your stomach when you are hungry but only hungry enough that you just need a snack. At the store many different kinds of foods and beverages will be sold like candy, chips, sodas, and water, just to name a few. I personally am beyond excited about this store because I am always wanting a quick snack but often forget to bring one to lunch.

The brand new student store is named MidKnight Snack and is going to be open every day during lunch except Wednesdays. The grand opening will be on November first, and all the money made will be for funding MidKnight Snack and making a wider menu with even more options. During this week there was a soft opening where students’ favorite foods were initiated like sodas, energy drinks, and many other delicious snacks. As we get closer and closer to the grand opening, these great snacks will become available to students.

This program grants students to prepare for their futures, by being at the store and simulating real interactions with marketing since the store is fully student-run. By having the store be fully run, it has the opportunity to improve social skills, create new and exciting friendships, and bring students a sense of familiarity. Also, having students work in the store prepares them for their future jobs. If a student is a bit shy, running the store can really help to make that student get acclimated by having conversations with customers and can really help them in jobs like working at a restaurant, taking peoples orders, or even working at a law firm.

All in all, the student store gives students a place where they can enter to get a Snickers bar but leave knowing that they just made a new friend. Students also went to Basha and Perry High School to look at their student store and collaborate with them to get new ideas for the store. Everyone is welcome at the store, and I can guarantee that there will always be bright smiles and happy faces coming into the store and going out. Everyone at ACP is very ecstatic about the grand opening happening next week, and I hope one day you stop by the store and see that it was definitely worth all the hype! Way to go, Knights!