An Insight on the Work of An AP Studio Art Student


A photo of Citlali Villegas’ colorized rough draft

As ACP approaches mid-quarter, the students in AP Studio Art are in the process of starting their new concept pieces. AP Studio Art is a class where unique ideas and mediums are encouraged, and this quarter, students are asked to create a piece based on whatever form of inspiration they choose that is made from whatever medium they wish. The prompt is meant to allow students the freedom to develop their art skills and push past their comfort zones, reaching an artistic potential they never thought might be possible.

One individual I know that has always brought forth meaningful art concepts and created beautiful pieces is Citlali Villegas, who is a senior known for her unique art and fun personality. Over the years, I am privileged enough to watch as she went through the process of developing her art style and improving her skills. This is why, when my new article idea was accepted, I headed straight to Citlali to interview her about her new art project. Of course, Citlali does not leave me disappointed as she explained the meaning behind her new piece and the purpose it is meant to serve:

Pictured here is a rough sketch of Citlali’s art piece

Q: Before we proceed, what form of art medium do you plan on using?

A: I plan on using watercolor. I’m not used to that medium though, so my patience is really going to be tested!

Q: What is the concept behind this piece?

A: This piece is a reflection of a series of dreams I have had in the past year and the emotions that occur when someone only has so much time left to live. I want my piece to ask questions like what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you want to see? What would be your worst regrets or would you have any regrets? There is a stark contrast between these existential thoughts and the visual serenity of the painting, which I think creates interest and also plays into the theme of accepting certain death and letting go of all of life’s pains.

Pictured here is a quick practice paint sketch

Q: What kinds of influences has affected the development of your ideas, if any at all?

A: Some influences would definitely be the music I have been listening too! A lot of it is LoFi music, which inspired the more illustrative, old anime style I chose for this piece. Also, a lot of songs I have been listening to have allowed me realize that creators often send mixed messages through their work. Some upbeat songs actually have unhappy lyrics, and it is interesting to see how an artist, whether it be a musician or painter, can portray their work to a public with a surface and deeper level meaning to express their idea.

Citlali’s art piece is still in the early stages of development, and she has not approached her final draft, just yet. However, from the drafts and sketches she has shown me, I know this piece will turn out to be amazing, just as all her artwork is. Of course, I plan on keeping updates on Citlali as she develops her art piece and eventually produce final, complete draft.

The process of creating an art piece an artist is satisfied with is long, difficult, and frustrating, and often the artist must move on into the final stage, even if the art concept is not coming out as desired. Even so, the journey of art means to move past doubts and work, work, work!

As such, I wish Citlali good luck as she continues to work on her art piece and hope to see the final product soon!