A History of MORP

A History of MORP

Here at ACP we pride ourselves for the wide variety of events that student and teachers alike enjoy attending, from the Homecoming Parade, carnival, and dance, to Winter Movie Night and Winter Formal, to MORP in the spring, and Prom in the summer. But how did MORP come to be?

MORP is a long-standing, incredibly enjoyable traditional dance. It’s from the 1980s, which makes you wonder where it came from. Who created MORP? How did it come to be? How was it transformed into an official dance? The backstory of MORP’s origin tale is incredible and pretty fascinating. MORP was invented by high school students in the early 1980s. They envisioned it as a sort of anti-Prom where everyone could be carefree and everything would be casual.

They desired a different celebration because Prom has a reputation for being a formal event. They aimed to instill a feeling of routine in the students and simply allow everyone to be carefree and have fun. Because it would not be a typical dance, and they wanted it to differ greatly from a typical Prom, the students chose to call it MORP, and as a result, they thought up the concept of having Prom in reverse and called the dance MORP. They also decided to change the custom by having girls ask boys.

People frequently wore very vivid colors, outrageous socks, amusing mismatched clothes, sunglasses, and other accessories to make their outfits look wild and exciting. They always went crazy with their hair, doing it in all different kinds of outrageous hairstyles, and they wore a lot of really colorful and unique jewelry.

But what will ACP’s 2023 MORP theme be? Glow Foam Party! Make sure not to miss this because there’s going to be plenty of dancing, laughter, and hanging out with friends, and foam. This is a laid-back dance, so don’t stress too much about what you should wear. We want to see you at this dance since it’s a terrific opportunity to let loose and have a good time with your friends! Go Knights!

To find out more about MORP and the theme click on the video below!