Nina Sreeprasad
My name is Niranjana Sreeprasad, Nina for short, and I’m a sophomore at ACP. This is my third year at ACP, but I’m still just as hyped as my first day of going to ACP and stepping foot into the campus. ACP allowed me to learn more about myself and my interests. As a very artsy person, my love for drawing has pushed me to strive for the perfect art style. Nothing makes me happier than researching a fascinating topic, whether it be an event in history or the study of the brain. Speaking of the brain, neuroscience is something that would be interesting to pursue because of my thirst for knowledge about the brain and how it affects different people with different personalities. Though the brain is a puzzle that would be quite the code to decipher, the only way I feel like I can communicate sometimes is through drawing. A simple doodle or a fully colored work can help me convey so many of my emotions more than writing or talking can. I have always been the type to not express deep emotions through actions or words. Drawing opens a window of feelings to flow through onto paper or technology. As previously mentioned, ACP allowed me to learn about myself through the various extracurricular activities it offers and classes that challenge you. Though this year will surely be unique, that doesn’t change my eagerness to start another year at this school. After all, the third time’s the charm!


Nina Sreeprasad, Staff Writer

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Nina Sreeprasad