Likhitha Chanda
Hi everyone! My name is Likhitha Chanda, and I'm a junior at ACP. This is my first year writing for the newspaper! A few of my hobbies are reading, drawing and sleeping. I am part of Red Cross, AP scholars, NHSS, and UNICEF. I love computers. Programming, coding is basically like creating artificial life. It opens up so many possibilities for many people who would like to create a change in the world. It's like having control of creating the unknown and there are so many undefined possibilities. It is used for everything. A whole new world is present there with different languages. I also love to draw when I am bored; it gives me comfort and allows me to express many emotions. It lets me express myself in many ways and relieves stress.

I enjoy listening to music. It takes me to a whole new world and helps me calm down. The reason I love ACP so much is because of how small the school is. The school is small so everyone knows one another. We get along very well and are considered as a family. I choose to go to this school because their academic programs are outstanding compared to others. The teachers are very kind and compassionate. I've been going to ACP for four years now and wouldn't change it for a thing!



Likhitha Chanda, Staff Writer

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Likhitha Chanda