Astha Rohit
Senior year will be here before you know it. False right? How could three years go by that fast?  Well, I’m here to tell you that the cliche was right this time. Shocker right? It feels like it was just yesterday when I walked through the ACP gates with my best friend with wide eyes and slightly trembling hands. If you thought ACP was small, wait until you see my elementary/middle school. Microscopic is the only fitting word for Dobson Academy with its whopping 40 eighth grade graduates. As scary and gigantic ACP seemed to thirteen-year-old me, it quickly grew to be a place of comfort. Its small knit community was quick to accept me into their welcoming arms. 

Flashforward three years later and ACP is still the same, despite our ever-growing freshman class! Another thing that grows at ACP every year is the amount of extracurriculars, as students leave their mark by creating their own clubs every year. One of the most important being ACP’s first ever photography club, founded by yours truly, of course! When I’m not sharing my love for photography with those equally as passionate in Mr.Tyler’s room, you can find me in the World History classroom, or otherwise known as Mr.Tyler’s room where I help students prepare for their AP exams in May! Outside of Mr.Tyler’s room, you can find me in some sort of club meeting or working in the cast, or a part of the house crew for ACP’s Knights on Stage. 

I truly have fallen in love with ACP and all it has to offer these past three years. In our brief breaks from school, I am dancing my heart out for a Hindu holiday called Navratri during fall break or traveling around America or the world during summer vacation. I have experienced my last summer vacation as an ACP student and am about to experience my last year as an ACP student. As bittersweet as that is, I am excited to create new memories this year, especially in the newspaper, that will last a lifetime!

Astha Rohit, Staff Writer

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Astha Rohit