Adam Parkinson
Senior Year! It still feels like I’m that hyper seventh grade kid sitting in the ACP gym on that first day watching all the seniors and being in awe of how organized everything was, and as a very unorganized child, I can tell you it was cool to see.

Hello! I am Adam Parkinson and this is my first year helping out with the ACP newspaper and I couldn’t be happier. This is my sixth year here at ACP, and I have participated in quite a lot, mainly sports: I did cross country from seventh to tenth grade, soccer from eighth to tenth grade, and I still do track and football with my time. I love the community here at ACP, and with it being a smaller high school, you really get to know a lot of people and get life-long friends. I love the way ACP has a very, very strong academic program as well as very strong sports teams with the football team, of course, being one of the best on campus. With the sport teams such as girls volleyball, soccer, track and field, and football, it’s all one big family in the sport. For example, in Football every guy next to you on the field is your best friend, and it really gives you perspective into the values these programs possess. 

Outside of school I spend a lot of time practicing for sports, playing video games, and listening to a lot of music. Any conversation about music I love being involved in because there is always new music to listen to. I love talking to people about pretty much anything; I admit I’m very talkative even when I know I shouldn’t be at some times. I am a huge history nerd and love to have any conversation about that and love to debate and discuss.

That’s just a little me, but there is always more to learn, and I am happy to tell you, but for now Thank you and Go Knights!

Adam Parkinson, Staff Writer

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Adam Parkinson