Premonitions Part 2


Alison Yin

Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, Calif., Monday, May 1, 2017. Photos by Alison Yin for EdSource

The early morning silence was broken by a sudden stream of “Beeps!” from her alarm clock as she awoke on Halloween, throwing herself out of bed and into the shower, thinking about how to do her hair to best match her Tinkerbell costume. 

Arriving sharply at 7:15 to school, she springs out of her car and heads towards the main gate on her way to her first-hour class. Stopping by, she gets sidetracked by the various Halloween costumes people around her are dressed in, taken aback by some of the unoriginal ideas yet amazed by some of the more unique and flashy costumes. With school starting at 7:40, she decides to walk around the halls and see what other people had decided to wear to school with being allowed to dress up. 

After what had seemed like an eternity walking the halls alone glancing at those walking past, it was time to head to the first class of the day. 

Finding her seat in the back of her math class, she gets out her homework she had finished before she started reading last night, noticing that nobody seemed interested in doing anything productive, figuring that it was just a typical Friday with the added benefit of it being Halloween. Deciding to occupy herself, she takes out the book she had been reading before she went to bed last night. Diving deeper into the book, she realizes the stark similarities that the story has to her day so far. In “A Mundane Life” the author pointed out the sharp morning schedule the lady in the book followed: waking up at 6:15, being ready packed for her day at 6:30, leaving at 7:00 and arriving sharply at 7:15 at her destination. To her surprise, she was reading about her morning, and let out a gasp as she read about the morning the lady in the book was experiencing so she pressed on, hoping to find out more. “Maybe this can tell me what happens later today as well” she thought to herself.

Deep into reading she is interrupted by a sudden “Beep!” of the school bell ending the first period. Marking her spot in her book, she rushes off at speed to her next class. She was intrigued but yet rather unsettled by her realization that she had almost finished the book, and she only had a few more chapters to get through. Every opportunity she had she would dive into the story, but when it came lunch time, the story took an unexpected turn. “Only 11 pages left” she thought to herself, and the lady in the book was just about to start eating lunch. On the last page of the book the girl yearned for an answer, an unexpected turn, something. However, when she had finished the book that had been identical to her day so far, she closed the book only to wake up to the sound of her alarm clock blaring at precisely 6:15.