The Return to ACP!


While the first quarter of school has been completed with no in-person instruction and was very unorthodox, the start of the second quarter here at ACP has started with in-person teaching once again. The Senior Mentors held their freshman orientation to give them insight into how things here at ACP work and where everything is on campus. Following the Social Distancing rules, it was a complete success and went smoothly considering everyone followed the social distancing CDC guidelines. Toward the end of the orientation, the ACP Knights’ head football coach, Myron Blueford, introduced the freshman to the family culture the football team has, getting these new students involved by showing them the Knights’ chant during the football game.

With the first day of school being the very next day, it was a relief to say that the first day of school went about as well as it could have with all things considered. The seniors made an extreme effort in making the return to class as memorable as possible: cheering at the arrival of kids exiting their cars and walking through the gates, going into every class during the success period to welcome them and answer any immediate questions and help make the day as stress-free as it can be. Seeing people for the first time in months, the smiles and excitement on everyone’s faces after such a long time was a breath of fresh air after what seemed like an eternity of being away from friends.

We are excited to see what the Knights do this year with all the great minds on campus this year! Remember to Strive for the Impossible Knights and be Extraordinary!