Things to Keep in Mind Before You Head Back to School


We hope all students enjoyed their spring break that extended all the way through summer and fall. Going back to school after many months of social distancing and online learning may be difficult, but we have amazing staff and administration that would be willing to help the transition.  Not only will we have changes in the learning environment, we will also have countless safety measures that will allow students to learn and have fun while being safe.

The first thing you need to prepare for school is the pedestrian flow map. These traffic flow patterns are being used to help maintain a safer flow of student traffic during the day. There will be specific walking routes for your classes. You can find this flow map in the Knightly Update from September 23, 2020. The student drop-off and pick-up will also be a little different this year. Drivers and passengers who do not attend ACP must stay in the car. Students can enter on the east side of the gym or through sidewalks next to the office.

When arriving to school, all students must be wearing their face covering. The only time you are permitted to take off your mask is when you are eating. When arriving to school in the morning, students must report to their first class (it is either your first or second period). When entering the classroom, hand sanitation is required.

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Lunch: the best part of the day. Even the lunch period has been changed quite a bit. In the lunch line, there must be social distance between students. There will be seating parameters displayed on each table, with a specific amount of students allowed at each table.

All drinking fountains will be closed, so remember to bring your own water bottles and fill them up! You can also purchase water from the school’s cafeteria during lunch, passing periods, or before school.


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There will be no “wellness” checks to the start of each school day, so it is important to administer your own health to ensure the safety of all the students at ACP. We will still be participating in science labs as long as it is safe and appropriate. Club meetings will be held virtually during daily club time through Google Meets.

A couple items I would recommend that you add to your back-to-school supply list would be an extra mask or face covering just in case anything happens to the one you are wearing. If the mask you were originally using falls on the floor, you have an extra mask in your backpack. I would also suggest bringing a plastic bag or container for your masks. Do not place your mask on your desk or lunch table if you decide to take it off. Instead, seal it in a safe and clean bag.

Bring hand sanitizer, of course, because it’s always a good idea bring something portable that would allow you to stay clean.

The last piece of advice I have for you is to keep your mental health in check. This year has been difficult for all of us: staff, students, teachers. The good thing is that we were able to handle this situation together and with poise. It is important to stay positive and to focus on the good things in life, even when it feels like it nothing is going your way. Here are some good ways to calm yourself down if you had a tough day at school.

First, you could keep a journal. It is healthy to record all your feelings and emotions down if you’ve had a long day. Let it all out, and don’t be afraid to write anything down. No one else is going to read it but you. I also recommend practicing meditation and mindfulness. The only thing you need for this exercise is a quiet space and 5-10 minutes of your time. Take a couple seconds to make yourself relaxed and comfortable. Take deep breaths, and focus on being in the moment. My last tip is to be kind to other people. This way could also help you feel better about what other problems you are coping with. Even if your classmates and teachers can’t see the smile under your mask, let them know that you appreciate everything they are doing.

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Let’s make this year great, Knights!