Fall-ing Into the Season: Fun Activities for a Quarantined Autumn

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

As the weather gets colder and darker and the wind gets breezier by the day, new activities are opening up due to the change in season. Being outdoors as the leaves are changing color and the atmosphere gets gentler and warmer is a have-to during autumn. After being inside for so long due to class, it is relaxing to just be outside and live in the moment. Here are a couple ideas on what to do as the fall rolls around while being safe from the corona virus!

1. Go horse back riding.

This activity definitely captures the western spirit of Arizona that is sometimes absent in certain parts of the year. There are numerous trails and locations in the Chandler area with horseback riding services that allow riders to pace themselves and enjoy the beautiful Arizona desert. You can do this at the Koli Equestrian Center at Wild Horse Pass, MacDonald’s Ranch in Scottsdale, and Crossroads Farm in Gilbert. Take your family on a chilly weekend day, and have fun!

2. Plant fall flowers.

Take advantage of the weather by planting chrysanthemums, goldenrods, and pansies. Decorate your porch and fill it with flowers…I guarantee that your neighbors will be absolutely jealous! You can buy seeds at the Walmart Garden Center, Lowe’s Garden Center, and Plant Stands of Arizona. Keep a watering schedule between your family, and share pictures of your flowers online to all your friends!

Photo Courtesy of Costa Farms

3. Have a fall movie marathon.

Maybe it’s not the best time to go to a movie theater at the moment, but if you love a good thrill, here are a couple of movie recommendations. Steven Spielberg’s iconic “E.T the Extra-Terrestrial” has never failed to warm my heart no matter how many times I’ve watched it. It will surely put you in the right mood for this leaf-falling season. “Bird Box”, which was all the craze a couple years ago, will definitely keep you on your toes the entire movie with Sandra Bullock starring the film. If you like to spend your time outdoors, bring a blanket and a screen to make a projection and watch the movie under the night sky. 

4. Picnic in the park.

With all the leaves changing and the weather dropping, it is a beautiful time to bring your best friend and a basket of homemade sandwiches to your local park. Take some cute pictures and eat your heart away! Bring a speaker, and play some of your favorite music. Or if you want to step out of your comfort zone, play a new Sweater Weather playlist on Spotify and jam out to some new songs.

5. Go Antiquing

There’s something beautiful about taking a day to visit a local antique store and just unearth a bunch of hidden treasures. You could probably find thousands of vintage jewelry, clothing, teapots, art that each have a special story. Some antique stores in our area are Highland Yard Vintage, Merchant Square, and Golden Bird Coins and Jewelry.

6. Order every pumpkin spice drink at Starbucks.

Or just one. Yes, pumpkin spice season is here, so take full advantage of it. There’s the pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice latte frappuccino, pumpkin cream cold brew, and the pumpkin spice hot chocolate. You can warm yourself up during the chillier days by ordering a hot pumpkin spice drink instead of layering yourself with hoodies and sweatshirts.

Photo Courtesy of Starbucks

7. Go for a bike ride.

There are so many beautiful bike paths and trails in Chandler with the most amazing views of the sunset if you go at the right time: 67th Avenue Trail, Arizona Canal Path, Cave Creek Tributary Trail, and Cave Creek Wash Trail. The list goes on! Since we’re not going to be going anywhere with over 40 people at a time, a family bike ride doesn’t seem too bad anymore.

During these times, it is important to look on the positive side of things. There are countless activities you can do with your friends and family especially with all the delicious drinks and pastries coming out in your favorite coffee shops. Remember to stay safe and have fun, Knights!