Shining Light In The Dark: Together We Can

The back of the “Together We Can” shirts. Photo courtesy of Jennyfer Park.

The back of the “Together We Can” shirts. Photo courtesy of Jennyfer Park.

“Together we can make a difference”, the burning message behind Jennyfer Park’s outstanding project, “Together We Can” that was created during quarantine. I had the chance to talk to Jennyfer and learn more about her project and all it does. Now, introducing “Together We Can”!

Jennyfer Park wearing a “Together We Can” shirt. Photo courtesy of Jennyfer Park.

Q: What is “Together We Can”?

A: Together We Can is a project where I am raising money for a serious cause while bringing awareness to disadvantaged communities. This past summer I designed and sold “Together we can make a difference” T-shirts and donated 100% of the proceeds. In just two weeks, $1,150 was raised!

Q: What inspired you to create “Together We Can”?

A: With everything that is going on today, I believe it is especially important to give back to those in need. During this global pandemic, it is crucial that individuals stay safe and do what they can to stay healthy. It came to my attention that, while many of us are wearing masks and have easy access to cleaning products, there are also a number of people who cannot get their hands on these goods. This inspired me into creating “Together We Can”. I was aware that there were many who needed help during these difficult times, so I wanted to create something to help in any way that I could. My family has been continuously donating to the Sacred Heart Retreat Center for the past five years, and I was hoping to raise a greater amount of funds for them during the current time of COVID-19. The retreat center is located in New Mexico between the Zuni Pueblo Reservation and the Navajo Reservation. I wanted to support their ongoing mission of caring for disadvantaged communities.

Q: What is the purpose of this project?

A: The purpose of this project is to raise money and awareness for disadvantaged communities.

Q: How long have you been working on this project?

A: I began this project this past summer, specifically in May, and released it at the end of July. All of the shirts were sold out by August 5th.

All the “Together We Can” shirts packaged. Photo courtesy of Jennyfer Park.

Q: Could you explain the process behind creating and selling the shirts?

A: To begin, I decided that shirts would be great to sell because anyone can wear them, and the logo and slogan are clearly visible. Anytime someone would wear the t-shirt out, my message and cause would spread!

When brainstorming, I decided I wanted to come up with a slogan that really addressed what I wanted and still want to accomplish. After some time, I came up with the slogan, “Together we can make a difference”. As I was designing the logo, I wrote down the words that came to my mind when I thought of being together and making a difference. Immediately, I knew that I wanted a pair of holding hands and a globe incorporated into the design. I sketched out some rough drafts and after I found the perfect one, I created the logo digitally.

The t-shirts arrived, and they were exactly what I had imagined and more! I quickly advertised them and from there, I sold the shirts. I made sure that when I packaged and delivered the shirts, I took precautions. In addition, I wore my mask and gloves and made sure that I was following social distancing rules at all times.

Q: What can we expect from “Together We Can” in the future?

A: Originally, I planned for the project to be a one time sort of thing. My main goal was to gather support and make as big of an impact as I could. However, the amount of success and support I received was extraordinary and, honestly, indescribable. I specifically remember the day I launched my project through the account @togetherwecanaz on Instagram. As soon as I uploaded my posts, regarding my cause, and all the shirts, I remember my phone just going off like crazy. The shirts were selling out quickly, and the demand for them kept increasing as well. In just two weeks, they were all sold out! Yet, there were many people who continued to donate and asked when the next “restock” was. This was when I wanted to continue and build on this project. I am still sorting some details out, but I hope to launch another set of shirts or other items in the future.

Q: Now for a fun question, what’s your spirit animal?

A: I would have to say my spirit animal is an owl!

Wow! What an inspiring story! Don’t forget to look into “Together We Can” on Instagram and learn more about the foundation and its impact as it continues to grow. From the ACP Family, we would like to congratulate Jennyfer Park on her success and look forward to seeing what is to come for “Together We Can”. Don’t forget to strive for the impossible and be extraordinary Knights!