Planning a Virtual Year


With 2020 being quite unorthodox, it comes as no surprise that we have had to adapt and change how some things function, especially regarding school. With the planning of the 2020-2021 school year having to be done 100% virtual, it is impressive to see how Miss Lindstrom has managed to have still planned the 2020-2021 school year so well and has graciously taken the time to share some of her teaching ideas with us.

Q: Does the bigger class size of the seniors compared to previous years make it easier to get planning done or more difficult? Or is it the exact same?

A: More people, more difficulties in one sense simply because more opinions and less opportunity to be close. More separate and distinct groups exist. This is not to say that the groups don’t get along, but just more people, makes the situation overall more complex.

Q: How have the events of this year impacted the senior planning and the events that were supposed to be put on?

A: The same as they have impacted everything else; pretty much cancelled everything. I am not sure if the seniors will have their chance to do anything this year since the year kicked off already.

Q: Is it proving more difficult to set up and plan the senior year with not being able to interact face to face and only over video?

A: Actually, not really. The Class of 2021 is pretty adept in the virtual communication world, and they have kept in contact with planning all summer long. In some ways, they were actually more communicative and more organized than past years. Due to schedules that kept changing and the decisions at state, city, and school level kept changing, the interaction has been a bit chaotic. In past years, summer time planning still meant face-to-face interaction was lacking, mostly with people out of the country on family trips. At least this year, most people stayed close, and the use of all the video conferencing tools has made communication easier.

Q: What has been the biggest adjustment you have had to make since in-person interaction has been limited?

A: The lack of “in-person” communication has not had a negative impact on the planning as much as the constant changes that were happening.  The constant changing and uncertainty of the situation has had the greatest effect and pretty much wiped out their senior plans to kick off the year.

That is just a glimpse of the amount of time and effort put in behind the scenes to get this year put together and function like any other.  Even with such adversity as a complete virtual world, this was all still able to be planned like nothing had ever effected the process. Miss Lindstrom has truly done a remarkable job! Remember to strive for the Impossible Knights!