Learn More About ACP’s Teacher Mrs. Williams!


Mrs. Williams, our newest addition to the Knights staff, is teaching AP English Language and Composition this year. I know students have been dying to see what kinds of new updates have occurred at ACP over the past couple weeks, and Mrs. Williams is one of them. She is very excited to bring positivity and her knowledge to her class, and she is willing to do everything she can to make sure her students understand the material she is teaching. Let’s get to know Mrs. Williams a little bit more!

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself, including hobbies, favorite foods, and family!

A: My husband and I have six children, four of whom are grown, and I have a grandson who is four. My two youngest boys are at home and they are in 10th grade and 7th grade. My family and I are into hiking, camping, traveling, and playing board and card games. I love to cook from scratch, especially foods from many different cultures, but my favorite things to eat are nachos with lots of jalapenos and also ice cream. As my husband spent 20 years in the military, we were able to live in several states as well as overseas. I’ve been to over nine countries and at least stopped in almost all of the 48 contiguous states.

Mrs. Williams and her family at the Grotto in Portland, Oregon

Q: What do you like most about teaching?

A: I love seeing the a-ha moments when a student begins to understand a new concept.

Mrs. Williams and her three boys hiking in Washington State

Q: What is the greatest challenge teachers face today?

A: Aside from the temporary inconveniences caused by COVID, I would say competition with electronic devices is the greatest challenge teachers face today. Students face a very difficult challenge when trying to stay focused on their work in our digital age, so being able to overcome this adversity is key to academic success.

Q: How do you motivate your students to become active learners in your classroom?

A: I try to form a genuine connection with students regarding their academic studies while telling relevant stories that hopefully generate and inspire curiosity. I believe the real learning begins when a student is curious enough to research something on their own.

Q: What is your favorite book and why?

A: There are so many wonderful books out there, and they are all important and special in their own right. Off the top of my head, however, I would say that I really enjoyed The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho because it really takes the reader away to distant lands while touching on some of the most common yet deeper meanings of life. My favorite nonfiction book is called Journey to Peace by Joseph Bernardin because it demonstrates forgiveness and love through very difficult circumstances, and we could all use a little more forgiveness and love in our lives.

Q: What is your philosophy on teaching and education?

A: I firmly believe that teaching and learning is never one size fits all. Every student’s brain works differently, so as a teacher, I must be willing to adapt and vary my lesson plans in such a way that maximizes every student’s learning potential. 

Mrs. Williams at the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona

Q: Do you have a favorite author? What do you like about that author?

A: I really enjoy John Steinbeck. He describes people and places in such a way that the reader can really feel like they are there. I also appreciate how much he says with fewer words. I can see, hear, and feel so much from just one of his sentences. It’s incredible.

Q: How has online teaching been for you? What is your favorite thing about it and your least favorite thing about it?

A: I am fortunate to have already experienced online learning both as a student and as a teacher, so it has been a bit easier for me than most. I am more concerned that some students may struggle with the online format because it’s not conducive to their particular learning style or perhaps other issues like distractions at home, poor internet connections, or lack of equipment.

What I like most about online learning is the fact that it prepares students for the “real world” because just about everything we do on the job or in personal business is either already on the internet or will be soon.What I like least about online learning is the obstacles it places in front of personal connection. I say obstacles because personal connection is possible through the internet, but it is harder to establish than if we were all in the same room together working as a group. 

Thank you, Mrs. Williams, for speaking with me! I learned tons about our new, dedicated teacher who is excited about starting this new school year and getting to know her students. It has been pretty difficult for all teachers to adjust to this new Covid-19 life, but Mrs. Williams has been doing amazing in balancing her teaching techniques and connections with her students. Thank you, Mrs. Williams, for starting out this school year with a bang. Go Knights!